LifeTime application deployment

We're trying to tag a version from QA to a Pre-production environment, and we are getting an error to fix:
cannot be deployed to Pre-Produção as it has errors or incompatible modules.

When comparing eSpaces between the 2 environments, there are no differences, but the application uses some shared components and has common dependencies with other applications on the server.

How can we get a detailed report about the incompatibilities found by LifeTime?

Nuno André Araújo

Hi Nuno,

We changed LifeTime for version 9.0.1 to include dependency details in case of incompatibilities during a staging operation. 

Are you using version 9.0.1?


Hi Lúcio, 

We are in a upgrade stage, from version 7 to 9, but in QA environment we are still using version 7. Is there a way to access to incompatible modules detailed information in version 7?

Sorry Nuno,

Lifetime in version 7 does not show detailed information about incompatible modules. I suggest you try to open the modules you want to transport to the new environment using ServiceStudio, connect ServiceStudio to the target environment, and do an add/remove references to see the incompatibilities.

Ok, thanks for your support Lucio.