drag and drop an entity has different results

drag and drop an entity has different results

Ok, when I drag and drop an entity to an existing page, sometimes it just comes up with a table to display the records within the entity.  However, sometimes when I drag and drop and entity, the table that comes up has a column with check boxes to select and delete multiple records, and links at the top of the table for "new entity name" and "Delete entities" where entitites is the name of the table.  I can't seem to figure out whats the difference and when I want to get the add/delete links built in I can't seem to figure out how to do it.  Anyone know the answer to this?  Thanks!
Hi Jason,

If you drag an entity the first time and there is no List page it creates a List.
If there is already a List page for that entity, it creates a detail page and links it to the List.
Just recorded a video doing both drags: http://screencast.com/t/bPSeHOJP

Are you experiencing something different?

João Rosado

That is if you drag and drop the entity to a flow diagram.  What I was referencing above is if you make a page within a flow, then go to that page and then try dragging and dropping an entity to that page.  Sometimes it makes a table with the "new entity" and "delete selected entities" links above the table, sometimes it doesn't.  I can maybe make a video tomorrow to demonstrate this if needed but I can't control which type of table it will make when I drag the entity onto the page (not flow).
Hi Jason,

The "table with checkboxes" pattern will be triggered when you drag & drop a related (foreign key) entity into the details of the original entity.

See the help topic below for more info - this pattern is described in section Handle Master-Details.


Yes!  That is what I was looking for.  Ok, so for our operations I am making a "dashboard" web screen.  There are times that I would like to be able to manually control if dragging an entity to the page creates the more detailed edit form that it looks like you have to drag and drop it onto a detail screen.  Is there a way I can manually change this or is my best method (so I don't have to manually build all that stuff in the table) to make a detail page for that entity (drag and drop it onto the flow twice) make that table, then copy and past that table onto the screen I actually want to use it on and then copy over any refresh or preparation items associated with it.

There's no way of selecting the behavior when you drag & drop, but your copy & paste workaround may still save you a lot of effort in some situations.
You can read about what triggers each scaffolding behavior in the link above, under What's Required for This to Work? for each section.

If you create the Parent Epage and
a). simply drag the Child Entity to the page you will get the "CheckBox" behaviour.
b). Add a table record to the page and then drag the Child Entity to it you will get the NOT "CheckBox" behaviour

One extra drag to get less.