Substr does not break

Substr does not break

Where can I find in the documentation that the function SUBSTR does not break if the number of characters that I want to extract are more than the available characters ?
I created a very small app that proves that, but that is not enough. I need documentation to prove that.
In example:
smallStringVariable = "ABC"
first10Letters = SUBSTR(smallStringVariable,0,10)
in this case I want the first 10 characters but there are only 3.
In any programming language this will throw an error, but not in the Outsystems platform (it's okay for me), less instructions needed.
It's stated on the examples: Substr ("First string", 0, 100) returns "First string"
The link for the documentation page mentioned by Bruno:

Also the builtin functions do not throw exceptions, they either return the default values or restrict the inputs to achieve the expected behavior.

João Rosado
Many thanks João, I should have read better the documentation. The way I read-it was "user reading ..."

It bypassed me

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