[Factory Configuration] How to trigger the factory?

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Published on 28 May by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 28 May by OutSystems R&D

when I change soemthing in a shared configuration.
How can I trigger the factory to rebuild the web.config?

Hi there,

the changes made in a shared configuration are applied after the compilation of an eSpace.

In order to have an application observe the new configuration value, first it must be associated with that
specific shared configuration. This can be done in the eSpaces tab in the Factory Configuration eSpace
using the combo box in the bottom. Then, the application must be republished and the web.config file will
be transformed according to the defined rule.


Hi ,

I made a change in the platform section to change the Web Reference timeout from default 100 to 200 , published the espace , restart os services but still it is taking the default value and my soap service which is taking more than 100 sec is timing out.

Am i missing anything or do i need to have the server restart.