sending EMails with Attachment

sending EMails with Attachment

can anyone tell me how to send emails with Attachment in outsystems ?
Hi Leo,

if you are using the built-in email functionalities you can use the Attach File tool.

See more here.
Hi Leo,

It's not difficult. You should use the "Attach File" widget on the Preparation action of the email and you have to specify the file content (must be binary) in the properties of the widget.
Check these help documents:

Edit: It seems both me and João were posting at the same time... :)
Hay how can we send the multiple attachement by using the same?

just drag more attache-files on the flow?

(not sure why you ask that question? )

Hi, I want to change the number of  attachement dynamically.
provide a record-list of names.

loop through those, grab the binary and attach them.