9.0.1.X (Amsterdam) Questions

A couple of questions regarding 9.0.1.X (Amsterdam):

* Added Support for Microsoft Azure (#895415)

What does this mean? Support for deploying to IIS on Azure? Deploying to App Fabric? The Azure DB offering, or just straight SQL Server on Azure?

Ideally it means "App Fabric + Azure DB".

Staging granularity and improvements

What specifically changed here?

Also: when will personal environments be upgraded?



Hi Justin,

* Added Support for Microsoft Azure (#895415)

It means you can install the platform on MS Azure (I don't know Azure-lingo, but maybe it's what you meant by App Fabric?).
However, the platform doesn't support Azure SQL - you still need SQL Server.

* Staging granularity and improvements

See this post about improvements on Lifetime.

Thanks Paulo!

Also... App Fabric is their auto-scaling stuff where you just install an app to "App Farbric" then assign resources as needed and it auto scales the whole thing... as I understand it... last time I took a deep look at Azure it was a few years ago.

Hi Justin,

Regarding the upgrade of personal environments, we can now control/request an upgrade. Mine is already using platform server - check this post published yesterday:
Tiago -

Very nice, thanks! Got mine scheduled. :D