DBCleaner_API & Static Entities with translations

DBCleaner_API action 'Entity_DropTable()' does not drop translation tables of Static Entities.

I'm using the API and the action drops the static entity table but the translation table becomes orphan in the database.
This action should also search if there's a translation table associated and drop both.

On the API docs there's this:

"When deleting multi-tenant Entities, or Static Entities with translations, the version of this API requires republishing the modules using the deleted tables or columns. This implies republishing the module that had the Entity or Attribute and all the modules that reference it."

This is OK if I'm dropping a deleted table from an existing eSpace. But what ca I do if I'm dropping a deleted table from a deleted eSpace?
Hi Carlos,

Regarding the API documentation, it is a requirement to ensure that after droping those kind of entities, your published applications continue working as expected. By the way, in P9 Amsterdam you don't have this requirement anymore, everything should work fine after droping tables.

Answering to your question, with the current version of the DBCleaner_API, translation and multi-tenant views will remain in the database after droping the parent entities.

We will change the API to drop those views also.

Thanks for your feedback.