[PDF Viewer by LxIS] PDF Viwer in JEE environment

[PDF Viewer by LxIS] PDF Viwer in JEE environment

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Published on 2014-03-18 by Jorge Santos
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Published on 2014-03-18 by Jorge Santos

I installed and used this component in a .net environment before withou any problems.

Yesterday i tried to used in a JEE environment and it doesn't work. I published the oml without any problem, but the application doesn't work as it should.

When I try to run the Test page (http://XXXXXXX/LxIS_PDF_TO_HTML/) I get several errors about javascript and css loading. The files pdf.js, pdfmin.js, viewer.css, viewermin.js and many others can't be found and I can't find them in the project. Where are they? And why they are loaded in a .net environment?

I copied the javascript and css files that were loaded in my .net environment and paste them in "Resources" folder of my project, and set them to be published in Target Directory. This way, the resources are loaded, but I get others resources errors. The application can't load any of the images and buttons of the PDF viewer. 

Looking throught viewer.css file, I found some classes pointing to images:
#viewFind.toolbarButton::before {
  display: inline-block;
  content: url(img/toolbarButton-search.png);

Where are these images? They aren't in "Images" folder of the application.

Can anyone help me?