Amsterdam: Starter Templates

With OutSystems Platform Amsterdam (9.0.1) we’re introducing a new feature: Starter Templates.

Templates make it easy to create new applications based on different style guides and UI frameworks. This will help you deliver apps with great user experiences, by ensuring the visual consistency of your apps, 

It is also possible to create a custom template according to your company's brand and image guidelines. Since templates are regular application modules, they can have dependencies to other modules, to include charts, UI widgets, authentication, or others.
To create a template, just implement its content in a module, and ensure the following:
  • The module name has the format: 'Template_<name>';
  • The module has an icon with 92x92px;
  • The Description property of the module is filled in.
Once you publish a module with these requirements in a server with 9.0.1, it will be listed as a template when creating a new application.

And if you have created a template, a great way to get more support for it is to share it with the community. In the OutSystems Forge you can find and share these starter templates, so we can all help each other creating great looking apps for our users. 

Check more about it in the video bellow:

You can also find more about starter templates in the documentation: