Feedback Message behaviour

I am using the Feedback_Message action on my screen to prompt the user that a screen saved, but the Feedback Message itself and the "Loading" widget that is shown on screen actions are reanimating themselves for every ajax refresh that I am doing in the Save action.  Is there a way to make this static or hide it until a specified time so that the screen doesn't appear "flashy" to the users?

Did you try to reverse the order of Feedback_Message and the Ajax refreshes? We typically have the refreshes first, and at the very end of the flow we put the Feedback_Message.
Hi Rebecca,

What version of the platform are you using?
That looks like a bug in the platform in versions 9.0.0.x
It is fixed In 9.0.1
:"Fixed problem with AJAX request problem when using JQuery 1.4 (#860632)"

Note: the issue description can be a bit missleading, it can happen in more situations than when using jquery 1.4.

João Rosado

We are still using 9.0.0.x and JQuery 1.4  We are planning on an upgrade.  I moved the feedback to the bottom of the action and it seems to have fixed the problem for now.