Connecting applications to soap webservices using digital certificate

Connecting applications to soap webservices using digital certificate

I´m trying learn a little in service studio.
I need to connect in a soap webservices that needs digital certificate.
In my browser I´ve already installed the certificate and tested WSDL and it´s ok.
But I dont know how to make able the certificate in service studio.

Someone can help me?

Hello Sergio,

You probably want to read this.
Thanks for answer. I visit your very good post but when I tryed to make some steps in my module administration page I got the message below:

Feature Not Licensed
The Certificates feature is only available in higher OutSystems Platform editions or add-ons. Follow the links below to: In Service Studio, you can enhance the security to your Web and Mobile Web flows, as well as of Web Services. This security can be done through SSL or SSL with client certificates, in which case client certificates are required when using the HTTPS protocol. In Service Center you can manage the Certificates that authenticate Web Services before external servers.

My certificate is X.509 SHA 512 with RSA in client side. 
Is it possible to work with this only in Outsystems Enterprise Plataform?
This component in the forge can help me? 

Thanks, Sergio

Hello Sergio,

Are you using a personal edition? If so, you won't be able to use advanced security options like HTTPS Client Certificates.

One of the reasons is that you don't have access to the physical machine to configure the required certificates and place the certificate on the file system, as required by the instructions I've shown you.

I'm not sure exactly what that component does, but you might want to explore it. You might want to create a new discussion on the component (which will alert the author) to inquire about your specific use-case.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva