approval process without having access to Application

approval process without having access to Application

I'm trying to develop an application where user can approve a request without having access to the application.
Flow is as below.

User would request for an approval.
approver will recevie and email in his inbox which he can access either through network or by synch on mobile.
approver will approve\reject request .approver typically has no access to the server on which our application is sitting.
The request status is updated on application based on approver request.


An idea would be for the approver to reply to the email, and have a timer periodically fetching emails from the inbox and making the changes in the processes.
If your server has POP3 access you can use the Richmail extension from the platform to access it.

João Rosado
Thanks for this suggestion.
Do we have any tutorial /example on how to use this extension?
Hi Priyanka,
Using Extension is very easy , to use them download the required extension (.xif file) from forge or community and after the download open the service center and click on the Factory and then Extension link to upload your extension. One it is published in your server you can add its refrence to your application just like you did for oml and use the any of the extension method.
I will try to get some time to prepare a video and upload here for the same.
Thanks for the kind help.
Looking forward for the video.