How to add a " in a Static Entity

How to add a " in a Static Entity

Ok, so I'm trying to add a " char into a Text attribute in a Static Entity and the auto correct keeps removing the character.

I've tried using 3 or 4 times the ", the \" trick and I can't make it work.

Is there any way to turn off the auto correct or to manage to insert the " ?

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You should be able to do something like this.

"Some text " + Chr(34) + "Quoted Text" + Chr(34) + " More Text"

The Chr function is documented in Service Studio help but it doesn't say that the numbers passed to the function are the decimal value for the ASCII character.  The number 34 should be correct for double quote.

If that doesn't work in a static entity record you'll have to use a regular entity and make it read only.

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Hello Curt.

I've tried that, it does not recognize Chr when using it in the static entity, and I need it to be a static :(

Outsystems ppl: any help?

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Try using 2x double quote.
"" -> "
Hi Paulo

Doesn't work, stays an empty string in the database (when using only the double quotes)
It gets worse...

I've let the double quotes in as Paulo suggestion and added a new record to the static with single quote => "'"

Now I get 2 errors:
  1st - not a double quote in the first one
 2nd - single quote somehow is also ignored (even though is correctly seen in SS) => Invalid Record The primary key value of a record must be unique. Record Symbol_1 and Symbol_2 have the value ''
Which Server / Service Studio version are you using?

You can't use special characters in the name of the record, but you can change its value. See below.

I'm using (cloud personal edition)

I'm not using in the Label, I'm using directly in the Identifier (text identifier)

Forgot the error message:
Invalid Record
The primary key value of a record must be unique. Record MyEntity.SingleQuote and MyEntity.DoubleQuote have the value ''
I've replicated it, although I can't find documentation about values restrictions on the identifier field.
As a suggestion, don't use these characters in the identifier field - create another text field for that.
I've also found yet another bug with this, I'm thinking of submiting the whole thing to support :)
Pedro, it's always a good idea to submit issues to support.

As for Curt's remark about Chr(), it's not the ASCII value but the (decimal) Unicode point value (which, for characters < 128 is the same as their ASCII value). Of course, since Chr is a function, it can't be used in static entity definitions, as you already experienced.