Search input reset button

Search input reset button

Once we have dragged and dropped in the data to create a table a search function is automatically built in for us .

however for some reason when we type some text in the search bar it work - but when we click the "reset" button it has stopped working it no longer clears out your search criteria ?

Any ideas as to what has changed ?
Hi Sat,

The reset button does 2 resets (Filters, Pagination). In the first it clears the search filters to "".
The action has those two Boolean input parameters, do you have them both as True in the button?
Hi ,

Thank-you for replying - yes as far as i can see both resets are true ... please see attached. :)
From your image, it seems that your "reset" action (RefreshFocusGroupTable) is untouched - I mean, same as it was created by Intelliwarp (when you drag and drop).

But I can't see the screen where it's being used.
In the FocusGroupList web screen, in the reset button where you click to go to that action, you should have in the Properties, under OnClick > Method: Ajax, Destination: RefreshFocusGroupTable, ResetFilters: True, ResetPagination: True
yes that is correct - please see attached
I see a local variable on that screen named "Search". When you drag and drop (Intelliwarp), it automatically creates a session variable for SearchKeyword.

You created a local variable "Search" that you are probably using in the screen on the input widget, but then on the action you are still clearing the previous Session variable. If that's the case, go to action RefreshFocusGroupTable and in the Assign, after the If "ResetFilters" change the assign widget to clear your local variable "Search" instead of Session variable.

If that's not the case I suggest you run the debugger and check what's broken.
thank-you this has worked :)
Hi, how can i clear the Email input which is bind with email type variable. i am able to clear it only if the text in the input box is in email format.
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