Production Environment Setup

We have 3 servers for production use. I would like help in understanding the best way to configure them. I was planning on the following

1. Controller and Lifetime
2. Front-End Server
3. Front-End Server

* Does this work or does Lifetime have to be on one of the Front-End Servers? 
* Should the controler be on one of the Front-End Servers and Lifetime be completely separate.


Hi Pete,

The Lifetime is installed in only one enviroment in your factory, that enviroment can be the production environment.
The OutSystems recommendation is to have it in a complete separate enviroment, but be sure to read the LifeTime Installation and Configuration document to make that decision.It explains all the reasons for that recommendation.

If you decide to install it in your production environment, it can be in the controller, but the controller will at least be a front-end as well (most likelly without extranet network access).
See the OutSystems Platform - Architecture & Infrastructure technote on more information about Selective farm deployments.

João Rosado
Thanks Joao, that is helpful.