Amsterdam: Improved Aggregates User Experience

Amsterdam: Improved Aggregates User Experience

OutSystems Platform 9 Amsterdam delivers a few improvements over the user experience of Aggregates. Ever since the introduction of Aggregates in the platform we've been listening to the community's feedback over aspects that could be improved or rough edges that needed polishing. We've used that feedback to introduce a series of improvements that make Aggregates easier to use than before.

Here's a short summary of what's been done:
  • You now have an overview of the aggregate in the properties, so while reading your logic flows, most times you don't even need to open the aggregates to know that they're doing
  • We've made all errors more explicit and easy to find
  • Aliased entities inside aggregates now show their original names
  • Join conditions are always visible
  • We added a lot of tooltips for cases where text wouldn't fit in the UI
  • Dropdowns show the currently selected item
  • You can copy preview data and paste it into other programs (table formatting is preserved if the program supports it)
  • Overal performance was improved
  • You can now see the Executed SQL for previewing the query results (which

Want to see the full demo?
Check out the demo video - Aggregatex UX improvements (4 minutes)

What's next?
These improvements take the experience of using Aggregates in OutSystems Platform one step further, but we also know there's always room for improvements. We will continue to listen actively for our users' and community's feedback and will continue improving the platform!
I've posted this in the beta forum, but since that'll be killed in a few days and it's not accessible to most users, I'm going to cross-post this:

"I compared the pre-beta aggregate editor with the beta version one, and though it has some improvements, there's still room for more.

1) I'm not sure why the drop down controls are the same colour as the background. They used to be white, which stands out better, especially now that the joins are beneath them. My opinion: make them white again!
2) The smaller font makes the table names better legible, but long names are still chopped off. So:
   a) use the full screen width! About everyone has at least a full HD screen nowadays, so use those 1920 pixels! Both in the "sources" and "joins" parts of the editor
   b) show the full table name when hovering the drop downs as a tooltip; even though they're underneath now, it'd be nice to have this. imho

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