BuildDateTime Issue

BuildDateTime Issue

I am trying to build a Date Time output using the built-in BuildDateTime function but it seems it doesn't work for this certain scenario.

As you can see here, ExpDeliveryDate is not getting the time unlike the testing variable I used DateTime2. Their only differrence is that I used CurrDate() on the test variable, which got me the correct output. On the other variable, I am using a value from a list/structure of data type Date so I should be seeing no problem but I can't output the time as it should be.

Below is the debug values.

Any thougths is appreciated.
Hi JC,

Your structure attribute type needs to be set to "Date Time", not "Date".
Having it set to "Date" will cause the time to be lost.

João Rosado
Thanks for the response Joao. It just seems weird that the function itself asks for Date and Time as parameter. Ok I'll try that out.
The attribute I meant is the ExpDeliveryDate and DespatchDate, not the ones that you are using as arguments in the built in function.
Geez, silly me. Thanks for pointing that out. Have a good day!