Integration Studio failing to upload new entities

Integration Studio failing to upload new entities


I am a new outsystems Developer.
I am working on the Outsystems Platform .  I was able to upload a large number of tables from our existing SqlServer2008 R2 database successfully with no problems.  However yesterday I tried to add a new set of tables and even though the Integration studio shows me everyting is successful, I do not find my new entities in the development environment.

Could you please help me. Apart from checking that the files were created I do not know where to begin looking for the problem.
Kind regards Sophia

Hi Sophia,

I'm not sure that this is going to be the problem ...but I'm going to make a wild guess.
On the Add/Remove Dependencies screen what is selected on the top right dropdown?
If it's set to "Show In Use" it will not display the new ones.

If that's not it we can go step by step to see what you missed.

João Rosado

:) Thank you. Problem sorted.