Silly newbie question

Where is the setting that turns of the preview in device mode when I click on the one step publish and I am presented with my login screen?  

I have a simple application and I see in some of the applications I have downloaded and published from the forge that this behavior isn't configured for these apps.  I know it must be something simple but I havent found it checked the environment, service studio as well as themes etc and can't see how to turn this off. 

Thanks in advance. 

Not a silly question. We've all been there at some point :)
It's easy indeed. In the top part of the Content Canvas (main window where you see action flow) you are selecting a Device (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop) - just unselect it and then click the big blue "Open in Browser" and it will open a normal browse page.
Thank you so much. 

Very much appreciated.  This is exactly what I was looking for.