[Slide-in panel] Form Validation

[Slide-in panel] Form Validation

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Published on 2015-01-29 by Miguel Vicente
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Published on 2015-01-29 by Miguel Vicente
We have a page that has a list. Clicking the list basically opens the panel to give more information on the clicked record on the list. We also use the panel to enable editing of the record. The records on the list is a 'parent record' and that the panel also is showing the list for the child records of the parent record. Clicking again on the 'child record' slides in a the panel for editing the child record.

So basically, the structure for the whole page is:

>> Panel with Parent Form (web block) and Child Records List (web block)
>> Panel with Child Form (web block)

Now the problem is that the Save button for the Parent Record Form is not working (not triggering the action via Outsystems debugger, not showing anything on the console of the browser). The Save for Child Record Form is working.

Note that the Parent Form is working as expected on a Page that it is put on.

Let me know if I needed to clarify more on this. Thanks in advance.
It seems that the page gets confused on what form to validate. So what I did is to put each for in an individual container then toggle visibility (Display = False) depending on what panel you are in.

I know this is a temporary workaround. Or is it also because Outsystems' Form have no Validation Parent unlike the Edit Records?
Hi Elorde,

Could you please show me an example or something similar?

I think you have that problem becouse this panel is made by javascript.
e.g. Outsystems use popups but in real life that popups are pages but in popup format so sometimes is useful for that kind of stuff that you are trying to do because i didn´t have prepeard this widget for that, I think.

Thank you,

I am not sure if it is about the javascript. I know that we are using two other components in that page, Kendo Grid and Zozo Tabs, which use JS too but I am not sure if they are the ones responsible for this. I tried rearraging (and hiding/removing) of some page elements and the only thing that made it work is by hiding the other Outsystem Form. That is why I am suspecting that this is because of the Validation Parent.
Have you tried this setup before?
Page with a List Record/Table
>> Panel with Parent Form (web block) and Child Records List Table(web block): this panel will open on click of a record of the List Table
>> Panel with Child Form (web block): this panel will open on click of a record of the Child List Table on the First Panel