Issue with the Dropdown postback

Hi All,
I am facing issue with drop down postback.
Below is the scenario:
I have three values in a dropdown list, first is Apple, second is Orange and third is Bannana. I have binding one chart On onchange of dropdown. Suppose i have select Bannana first time after page loading from dropdown onchange event dosent trigger its action. if i select any value other than bannana then onchange event is trigger succesfully.
Suppose i select orange first time then it is working and then i select bannana in second time then again it is working fine.
This means that last value of dropdown list creating issue.
Below are the properties of my dropdown "cmbCampaign"

Please help me on that.
Thanks in advance
Hi Pranav,

Don't use the GetActiveCampaigns.List.Current as Variable and as the OnChange action.
Create a local variable  and use it instead.

The reason is that the value in the .Current will change when the list is iterated, and since you are using that same list as Source it will give you a unknown behavior.

João Rosado
Thanks much João Rosado.. It is working now