[Silk UI Responsive Sample App] Working Wizard Example

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Published on 2016-05-10 by Labs
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Published on 2016-05-10 by Labs
It would be nice if the examples were actually working.

Does anyone have an example of a Wizard that actually is working.
OK Got It.
Hello John,

I’m sorry to learn that you were experiencing problems.
Can you be a bit more specific on the issue you were having and what you did to solve it?

Best regards,
Samuel Jesus

I was trying to get a working wizard, collecting data at each step with a final Save/Edit. The sample page does not work it is just a format so I was trying to figure out how to use the wizard and looking for an example. I figured it out using the wizard entity and ajax. 

So thanks.
I have been trying to find a fully working sample for wizard. In other words, not just the navigation widget but also some best practice sample that moves data between steps etc.

Great if you, Keith, were able to solve this. All tips for getting started fast are highly appreciated!
I don't have the sample app anymore as I removed the Silk UI framework due to the fact that it was taking too many software units for the functionality it provided. I do remember that once I found the WizardStep entity and learned how to properly load it and use it to manipulate the flow then the rest was fairly simple. All of the 'pages' are really on one page and where you decide to commit the data is really up to you.
I actually did one sample wizard that uses a common web block and multiple pages, but after your reply, I made a version that works on a single page and the visible part is controlled with Ajax and If-blocks in the Web Screen.

I even wanted to publish a sample version of a fully functional wizard on Forge, but upload failed because of some issues with dependencies. No time to work on clearing that out now...

Anyways, thanks Keith for your comments. They actually helped.

Hi Sami,

I am actually working on the exact same wizard setup as you described above, as "a single page and the visible part controlled with Ajax and if-blocks." Do you still have this sample app/espace I can take a look at?

Thanks a bunch!


The attached sample SumWizard requires LiverpoolTemplate etc. but you probably get the idea even without deploying and just by looking at the implementation of MainFlow/HomePage.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for sharing! This is incredibly helpful.