Hi all,

Is it posible to create Entities / Entities attributes on runtime. For examble while reading a file.
Almost 100% sure this is not possible but still I hope some of you have found a way this is posible.

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Martijn Habraken
You could store your data as a JSON or XML dataset, in a binarydata field.
Hello Martijn

can you elaborate a bit in your use case? Why do you need to create entities dynamically?

Pedro Cardoso
Pedro Cardoso wrote:
Hello Martijn

can you elaborate a bit in your use case? Why do you need to create entities dynamically?

Pedro Cardoso
Hi Pedro,

Off course, we are reading 89 files at this moment and each one of this files should be a entity. In another file we can read what are you columns (attributes) of those 89 files. some entities contain over 60 attributes.
So it would be nice if we could do this in an action instead of by hand.
Indeed, depends on your use case.

you can use json/xml, or somewhat more advanced with table-key-values in a table.

Hello again,

but is the structure of those files changing over time, or are you trying to keep away of the hassle of creating those by hand to start with (which I would too!) ?
The structure could change each month. Otherwise it was it was just 2 days boring work.
If they wouldn't change, you could create your entities from the excel files but, in your use case, that's not of much help...

I’m guessing that, if your data model can change, all your system needs to account for the existence of new entities and/or attributes over time. If not, you’ll be changing the app whenever your data structures change. If you’re changing the business rules to account for the new data model, you’re better off creating the entities from Excel. If you’re trying to build a system that accounts for a dynamic data model and have dynamic business rules whenever knew entities are created, you’re aiming at a huge investment, in any framework, I would say…
mmm, Thanks for all your input. Need to think it over what's the best approach.
Indeed. There’s always the urge to make everything dynamic, but more often than not, there’s the need to code specificities to handle the data and take care of business rules.
If you have a very dynamic app, you end up in a maintenance nightmare. If you need to perform simple change in a not so dynamic app, it’s easier just to code it by hand… my 2 cents…
I agree, after all. it's just 1-click-publish.

embrace change :)

That's the point Statler!

Better keep publishing than pulling your hair off trying to debug an app that writes itself!