About __OSVSTATE and Ajax Refresh

About __OSVSTATE and Ajax Refresh

Hello all,

I have 2 different webscreens that use the same webBlock. The webBlock lists a number of cards that when clicked perform 1 or more "Ajax Refresh" action inside the webBlock and notify the parent web screen. I am noticing however that one web screen is alot faster than the other when performing the "Ajax Refresh" and the notify.

I am trying to find the reason for this. I believe it may have something to do with the __OSVSTATE. The screen that takes longer has a much bigger __OSVSTATE (68901 length vs 10755 length).
Do you believe it is related ? If so, can you tell me what information is stored in __OSVSTATE and how can i reduce it's size?

Thank you and Best Regards,
João Gomes

Hi João,

That's the variable where OutSystems stores the View State. Basically, View State is how ASP.NET persists changes to the state of a Web Form across postbacks - and it can easily get large. It's not an easy issue...

There is a post here in the forum that might help you: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/10458/view-state-in-outsystems-applications/

Hi Tiago,

Thanks for the link, it was very usefull.
I was already able to drop the  __OSVSTATE length to 46397 by changing some local variables.
I don't know if i can drop it any further because i believe the rest comes mainly from the Charts i have inside a ListRecords.

Thanks for the reply,