Re bootstrap an excel file again


How do I re-run the bootstrap from excel again?

I added a trim to the excel import but can't find where to re-run the import ( completely overwrite the old data ).
Hi Michael,

If you used the built-in bootstrap from excel, then it added a timer (set to be executed when you publish the eSpace, see tab Processes), and a Bootstrap* action (see tab Logic), with the required logic. It also added the excel file as a resource to the eSpace.

You'll want to start by right-clicking your excel file (tab Data > Resources) and selecting the option to replace it for your new version.

Then, since the original Bootstrap action checks for data in the entity (and does nothing if the entity already has data), you'll have to either delete all rows from the entity or modify the Bootstrap action to update your records. You should take into account your staging process (how this will work when you deploy your app to other environments).

If you don't care for the current data, easiest option would be:
- Deleting all rows (using a SQL widget with Delete from {Entity}) in your Bootstrap action or on demand from an admin screen.
- Running the bootstrap (either from Service Center or by publishing the eSpace).
- Removing the Delete SQL from the bootstrap action, if you followed that path.