Have an issue with consuming SOAP WS

Have an issue with consuming SOAP WS


I am not able to consume the soap web service , getting an error as below screen Shot
please find the attachment , Please suggest the solution.


Unfortunately there are a few restrictions to the SOAP web services Service Studio will import. In these cases you can:

  • Read the web service's documentation and verify if the structures that violate Service Studio's restrictions are needed for what you want to acomplish. If they're not, save the WSDL file to your local machine, remove the offending structures from the file and create the web reference from the modified WSDL.
  • Consume the web service via an Extension, created in Integration Studio.

- Messing around with the WSDL is bad for maintainability, since you'll have to remove the offending structures again, if the WSDL changes.
- From my experience, consuming a web service from an extension is quite easy if you're on the .NET stack and a bit harder on the Java stack.