Get rid of "Preview in devices"?

After clicking one of the device icons (near the Preview icon) my application starts with a "preview in devices" mode. It is for sure a useful option but not as a default. How can I stop using it (these three device icons work as radio buttons and once clicked they seem to be not "unclickable" :-) )?

Clicking a selected device icon should unselect it.

I can only confirm that behavior on the version I have currently installed (, but I don't remember it working differently on any of the previous versions.

As described by João, it will work, no matter which version you're using.
Anyway, it sometimes may happen you forget to unselect and end up opening in "PreviewInDevices" Mode - you can just click that small arrow on the top (see image) and it will open a new tab with that page without "PreviewInDevices".

In fact, now it works. God knows, why it didn't want to work previously....
The small arrow: yes, I know this option, of course.

what component is it?
for some reason, it's not working..

could it be an upgrade issue from 8 to 9?


What you mean by "it's not working", what part?
The PreviewInDevices is included in the System Components and the "Open In Browser" operations uses it when any of the device toggles are selected:

João Rosado


not that one, that one is working :)

This one: 

Clicking there it wil end up with this:


and then I get a 404.

accessing directly http://<server>/<app-espace>/?_ts=635689359681593703
works like a charm.
Hi Statler,

Have you published System Components when upgrading to 9?
PreviewInDevices should be published with it.

Tiago Simões
I am using OutSystems on JBoss. I am not getting the PreviewInDevices functionality to work. Any ideas how to get this to work properly? Can I independently reinstall the System Components? Where would I get the solution to publish?

Hi Erik,

It should be on the folder of the platform server installation (usually C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\) but if that wasn't installed that's very strange because it is one of the steps of the install checklist.

Tiago Simões