Hi Guys,

I am trying to get multi-tenant example application to run on my personal environment.

After updating the deprecated references all built but one is still fighting back:

I am getting the following messages:

Uploading                 Storing a new version into 'https://hakan.outsystemscloud.com/ServiceCenter'.
Upload Skipped        eSpace version already present in the server.
Compiling                 Generating and compiling optimized ASP.NET C# code and creating SQL scripts.
Licensing Warning    Server Side Caching is not licensed and will not be effective.
                                 Contact OutSystems to upgrade your license.
Licensing Error         Your server license does not allow using Integrated Authentication.
                                 Please do not use it or contact OutSystems for a license upgrade.

I remember accessing there once but not sure what I changed since then..

Thanks in advance
Hi Hakan,

In a Personal Environment there are some features that are not licensed and two of them are those in your error/warning: Integrated Authentication and Server Side Caching.
You may have enabled Integrated Authentication in that Module/eSpace, in one or more of these elements: Web Screens, Web Flows, Exposed SOAP Web Services, Consumed SOAP Web Services.
Hi Tiago

Thank you for you help..

Indeed it was "Integrated Authentication"... I disabled it.. Now the application builds and works!!!
But not in a correct way I am guessing.. I created some users but the those users are not recognised by the app..

Let me ask you this: Can you build and run the multi-tenancy example in a personal environment?
Should it work out of the box? I have a feeling that due to limitation in personal space, building a multi tenant app in a personal space is not possible..

Thanks again


Multi-tenancy is enabled in Personal Environments and is achievable. You can get it running and test how it works.
Don't know how it will be in the future, but right now, you can...