Multiple Dashboards


I am a relative newbie (3 weeks) on Outsystems and developing in Outsystems Personal Environment before commercial release.  I have built a membership portal for use in a commercial network - buyers/suppliers etc.,  I want to have a dashboard for each membership type, will i need to create multiple dashboards or is there a way of customising the dashboard view based on the membership type?

To provide a little more information:

1.  A buyer would be able to search for suppliers, invite suppliers to join and see a graph of no. of invites sent vs no. of suppliers joined...
2.  A supplier would be able to search for buyers
3.  A buyer could see all bids they had posted, status of the bids and would be able to select/deselect suppliers
4.  A supplier would be able to search for opportunities/bids, reply to bids etc.,

etc., etc.,

You can taylor the dashboard for the user. You will just need to know who they are either by assigning different user roles, or by maintaining a table with user profiles. On the screen, create various web blocks to contain user content and parameterize them in such a way as to taylor their contents and use IF logic to hide and display various elements.