Keeping the filters when pressing the back button

Keeping the filters when pressing the back button

Hi everyone,

I'm developing a platform for a client and we have the requirement of keeping the filters when the user clicks in the back button.

i.e. There is a list that is populated by an aggregate that is filtered by some local variables. Clicking on the list element it goes to the element detail page. When clicking the backbutton it goes back to the list and it has to be the way it was left. With all the filters the user applied previously.

The only way I see of doing this is by storing all the filters in session variables and checking them in the preparation. But with the amount of lists I have and the number of filters in each one it would take me some time to implement. Is there an easier way to do this?

Thank you in advance

You can store the search keyword value in session, this should solve your problem!

Thank you for the reply Robert,

For the search filters I'm using those variables indeed. The main problem are the comboboxes and checkboxes I have linked to local variables.