Error retrieving Entities: Invalid object name

We're receiving the "Error retrieving Entities:  Invalid object name" error when attempting to create an extension for an external table or view.  Is anyone else having this problem and have you found an workaround or solution?

From Integration Studio, when creating an extension for external tables:
1.  Connect to external table or view
2.  Choose Database Connection Name:
3.  Select database
4.  Select table (add, next)
5.  Enter logical database
Receive:  Error retrieving Entities:  Invalid object name "OperationDataStore".INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VIEWS
(Integration studio version is, but server was upgraded to
SQL Profiler shows that this statement is generated by integration studio:
This syntax is invalid.

exec sp_executesql N'SELECT VIEW_DEFINITION
                           FROM ["OperationalDataStore"].INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VIEWS
                           WHERE TABLE_NAME = @tablename',N'@tablename varchar(10)',@tablename='ACCOUNTS'


Hi Karen,

i recommend you guys opening a support case with OutSystems tecnichal support for detailed troubleshoot and analysis. And if you can share the solution/workaround you'll get (or already have) it would be great as it could be very usefull to others.



I'm having this same error. Did you find what the problem was and the solution?