Transform inputbox entries values

Transform inputbox entries values

I've created a detail webscreen for my entity by drag and drop method.

It´s really fantastic.

Now I have a trouble: a field in entity stores a document number in format YYYY9999 (YYYY=year) but I would like to show and edit this value as 9999/YYYY.

The way I found to do this: Adding new inputbox linked to a local variable and using CustomMask.MaskText. Enclosed this in a named container. The inputbox destination is a screen action that transforms 9999/YYYY in YYYY9999 and assing this transformed value to the field in form.record and after ajax refresh the container.

That created a problem to edit and update the values to this field.

Exists a better practice to do this?

Thanks, Sérgio                                                                                           

Hi Sergio,

From the description you seem to be taking the right steps (local variable, field with mask and then assign to the form variable). What kind of problem was created?