50 chars limit on the name of the columns in the Integration Studio

50 chars limit on the name of the columns in the Integration Studio


My sql server column name has more than 50 length. When i add the External DB on Integration studio, it cuts the name of the column and i cannot use that column any more (Error in aggregator when use this table).
Is there any way to bypass this limit?

Best regards,
Ricardo Santos
Hi Ricardo,

This happens because when Integration Studio converts a Database data type to OutSystems Text data type, default value for this attribute lenght is 50.
However you can manually change this in Integration Studio to a greater value.

How can i change the default value?

I'm talking about the length of the value of this column.

I've just read again your initial post and I see your image now. I misunderstood. I was thinking about the attribute property length. That unfortunately is not possible to change.
Actually, if you create an Entity in Service Studio directly, you will be faced with these platform limitations:
Entity name: 50 characters.
Entity attribute name: 28 characters.

Let me just add some possible workarounds guidance:

This is a sensitive scope and not all workarounds are recommended...
Hi Ricardo,

The best recommendation there would be to create a view in your database.
In the view you can translate the attribute names into shorter versions to pass the limit of 50 characters.

Do you have many tables in that situation?

João Rosado