How to get the pre-built apps?

How to get the pre-built apps?

I know this is a serious n00b question, but where do I find the pre-built apps? Specifically the Mobile Order Managmement App?

Start ServiceStudio, and click Install Application, this opens the Forge where you can select and install the Application.

Thanks for your reply! I tried that. Mobile Order Management yields no search results, other than ones taking you to the app demo, which is not what I'm looking for.
I think this isn't a free Forge app
I think it is:


"This pre-built app is open source and available for free with OutSystems Platform. You can change existing functionality, integrate systems, and add your own new features extremely fast using OutSystems Platform."
The reason you cannot install this application is because it is not in the Forge.  Both Mobile Order Management and Order Management are missing while all others shown on the Apps Page are there.  I would contact Outsystems support to see if they can be uploaded to the Forge so everyone can use them.
Thanks Curt and Matthias for your help!
I'm not able to do that, as I am not a premium subscriber. Nevermind. I'm kind of put off the platform anyhow. I've spent a large part of the day trying to assess the platform without much luck. So my perception at the moment is that fancy videos really don't add up to much, when you can not acces the resources being advertised. 


Thanks anyhow for the advice.
Hello Loki,

in fact Order Management and Mobile Order Management are not available on Forge to be downloaded.

Can I ask why do you need to look into those?

Pedro Cardoso

Hi Pedro,

They are advertised as ways to get started with the solution and they would have suited my needs very nicely as a great starting point to work from for a project I am starting soon.

I think it is less than optimal to advertise the pre-built apps as a place to start from, saying they are available to use... then making it impossible to get to them... and even worse: making it impossible to reach anyone to tell them there is a problem... without being a paying subscriber.

As I have a specific need, which is very much focussed around those two apps, this makes it impossible for me to evaluate the platform for my needs, which in turn means that the platform is disqualified by default.

Hey Loki

I can get your point. Let me tell you that ey're not public yet, but that does not mean they will not be.

In fact that sentence is not right, and I'm talking with our guys here at OutSystems, so that people don't feel missguided, which in fact is happening. Sorry about that.

Nevertheless, and if you don't mind, I'll have someone contact you to help you out. Does that work for you?

Pedro Cardoso
Hey Pedro,

Thanks for talking to the guys there to clear up the wording - I'm sure it will avoid future confusion. Maybe consider separating operational support from technical support, so that issues like this can be raised without a premium subscription.

Thanks once again for your help and I appreciate your feedback. I've however run out of time to do evaluations before submitting the technology proposal for this project and will be going with another solution. Sorry.

Appreciate your feedback Loki. It was already provided to the right team and it should be up in no time.

I would love to have you try out our technology, but with this bump on the road, I guess we're the only ones to blame!

I know you'll be losing an awesome Platform and I'm sure that the time you would invest to evaluate us, would definitely be worth of, and it would save you 10x the time it would took you to investigate.
Nevertheless, best of luck with your project. I hope you find a technology that makes it a success!
Pedro Cardoso

Thanks Pedro,

I'll keep an eye on OutSystems for future projects and I'm sure you're right - it looks like a great platform - I just dont recommend a product unless I'm 100% sure it is the best match.


100% is hard to get :) but I totally understand you! If you'll consider us for this or any other project, feel free to drop a note!

Pedro, any word on when these pre-built apps are available? The pages for them still have text that insinuate they should be downloadable, and another user has also asked where to download them.