Timer To Publish Solution

Hi All,
I want to implement a timer to publish a specific solution every day at a specific time. Is possible?
I'm trying to call the web method PublishRunning ([server]/servicecenter/solutions.asmx), but i get always invalid login error (using my service center admin user).


Not sure, but maybe you need to encrypt your password. Take a look at the Download & Deploy component to see how it works.
Thank you Paulo. It Works :)
Hey thanks alot guys! it helped me too in one of my web service. 

Hi all!

Carlos Rodrigues and Tama, are you using Personal Environments to consume and invoke the SOAP Solutions.asmx web service of Service Center?

Or are you using Enterprise Environments? Cloud or On-premises?

Which versions of the OutSystems Platform are you running?



Tiago Bernardo

Tiago, this thread is from 2015.

Anyway, LifeTime Deployment API was introduced since then.

Hi Paulo.

Yes, I know it is from 2015-05 (over 2 years old), but I brought it alive because I am exploring the "Download & Deploy" component and also the "LifeTime Deployment (REST) API".

"Download & Deploy" uses undocumented SOAP Web Services of Service Center to upload and deploy applications/solutions, but it does NOT work in Enterprise Environments.

"LifeTime Deployment (REST) API" does NOT allow you to upload applications, only tag and deploy applications to other environments configured in the LifeTime application.

Because "Download & Deploy" does NOT work in Enterprise Environments I asked the question if they where using Personal Environments.


Tiago Bernardo


even though it's from 2015, I still think this is an issue which is not properly solved.

we also are in a situation (security/architectural wise) we have seperate environments where we want to have some sort of automatic mechanism to download a solution/eap, move the file by ftp and then with a watchdog publish that solution.

Hi J.,

I am trying to accomplish that same architecture that you mentioned. Have you been able to come up with a working solution?


Tiago Bernardo