Input autocomplete problem

Input autocomplete problem

Hello, I have problem with input autocomplete in Internet Explorer 11, when I double click on it, results blinks for a second and disappear. It is imposible to select something. How can I fix that?
Hi Audrius,

I tested and it and didn't have any problem with it.

Can you replicate it in a sample module and post it? Or share a link where it happens.

João Rosado
It does not work in only few autocomplete's, in which are more than 1000 records. In autocompletes which have less records works fine. When I tried to capture screen with Jing I had magic and autocomplete worked :D , but when disabled capturing autocomplete does not work..
Why would you have an autocomplete with 1000 records???

Besides the fact that it will take longer to fetch and send to the browser and be parsed before display to the user, which user will ever want to scroll in a list of 1000 records?

Just limit the results to a reasonable size (e.g. 10 or so)

Best regards,
Yes, user will not scroll 1000 records, but there is account list which can not be limited, so I am filnding solution to work it on IE.. In chrome double click working perfectly only in IE does not work.