Community Search. How to suggest word?

Hi everyone,

How does OutSystems implement the search suggestion on the Community search?
Check image below. E.g. "amstrdm" will not match any documents, but I get a suggestion to search for "amsterdam".
How is this being done?

Isn't the Community search provided by Google?

If so I'm guessing it would be part of the Google's API

Best regards,
Honestly, it doesn't seem like Google.
The search algorithms seem to have different results - at least from the samples I tried. I got the feeling it was something different, maybe developed internally by OutSystems.
...or just another API ;)
Hi Tiago,

The search uses google engine for the results.
But yes I get what you mean about the results being different when using google directly. I ended up already going to google a couple times and getting the result I needed that was not appearing (at least not on the first results) in the search.

João Rosado