Static Entity: cannot remove foreign key

Static Entity: cannot remove foreign key



I have a static entity with an additional attribute that is a non-mandatory identifier of a static entity (the same or another - this doesn't matter). When adding a record to this entity I can leave this attribute empty (it is nonmandatory) or set it to be some identifier. Then I can change this identfier to another. All of these work.

As far as good. But then, I change the value of this attribute to be empty. This time it fails:
- when using the Platform's editor I see the value empty
- but when reading the entity's records I get this value unchanged (the same is, of course, when I check data directly in the database)

This is a very bad thing: I cannot make this attribute empty (i.e. null) and, what is worse, the editor lies: says that the value is empty but it is not empty in fact.

Fix it, please, asap.

Hi Tomasz,

Obvious question, but are you sure the eSpace holding the changed static entity was published correctly? If so, have you checked the database table itself (if possible), e.g. using SQL Management Studio or another tool besides your program?

If everything seems otherwise ok, you'd better report it as an issue to OutSystems Support.