Hitting database limit

I have reached my database limit in my personal environment.  I looked and saw that 99% of the space being used is in the system area.  I follow the instructions for deleting old versions of eSpaces and deleted many other applications that I'm not actively using.  When I went back to see how much space I freed up, the disk space values did not change when viewed in Lifetime.  Did I miss something?

Hi Curt,

I have had the same experience, but if I'm not mistaken it was just some delay in the usage update.
It's about 24 hours since I deleted all those things from my environment but Lifetime still shows 99% usage.  Any additional thoughts?
That's strange Curt. I thought mine got updated by itself but I don't remember how long it took...
It's now two days later - no change.  I'll try and delete more stuff.  

For anyone having this issue, vote for my idea that would show application and espace disk sizes!!
Hey Curt! I was having the same problem but when I deleted the unwanted stuff, my space was freed. 
I deleted even more applications and eSpaces today and still shows 99% usage.  No change from when I started this thread.  Can anyone at Outsystems look at this?
Hi Curt,

Can you please send an email to success@outsystems.com with that request?

João Rosado