application Signin

application Signin

I just want to know, Is it really possible to sign in and upload apk to the google store, if I developed the application using outsystems. 

I am developing Android applications in Java with Eclipse ADT. Most of the applicattions, developing here are using JSON to fetch data from sever and showing in UI.  is it good to switch to Outsystems? also can i create apk using this and upload to google playstore..

OutSystems applications are web applications, and as such are not native Android applications. However, with the OutSystems platform you can both consume and expose SOAP and REST web services, so it is possible to write a back-end using the OutSystems tooling and consuming a REST web service in a native app.

That said, OutSystems also provides OutSystems Now, which is a native app and allows the user to connect to your webapps, also hooking into native features like the camera. It is possible to customize the app for branding, in which case you can make an apk and have it in Google Store.
Kilian Hekhuis wrote:
"It is possible to customize the app for branding, in which case you can make an apk and have it in Google Store." Can you make this little more clear. 
Please follow the link I provided. There's a "Source Code" tab at the top of the screen.
Just want to know that is there any way to export HTML/CSS source code of the app from Outsystems in PhoneGap IDE ? Or does Outsysyems provide ready to use code export option for different IDEs (XCode, Android ,VB).

I am an iOS develooper and looking for developing an app with Outsystems that can be  uploaded on App store. I want add some fucntionlity from native features (eg. CoreData) into the app.  I have studied the link that you provided for source code but I want to export my own app's code from Outsystems.

Could you pleas ehelp me in how to import source code? Does Outsysyems provide such type of functionality or not?

Hi "MyPhone App" (I think it's bad custom to not provide your actual name!),

I think you are thoroughly mistaken as to the nature of an OutSystems phone app. When using the OutSystems platform, you cannot create native apps. What you are creating is a set of webpages, that may use native features when shown within the OutSystems Now app (or a derivative of your making). So you create an OutSystems application, deploy that on an OutSystems web server running the OutSystems platform, and let your users access that app via their phone, either directly via the browser, or via the OutSystems Now app.