unable to connect the environment


When i tried to connect the environment, it is showing that the host was not found.

Below are the details:
Environment: kameswarikancherla.outsystemscloud.com

Please help to me to move forward on this.

Hi kameswari,

I just tried to open that url and it redirects me to outsystems website. This means it doesn't exist.
Check if that is really the name you created - go to http://www.outsystems.com/home/ and check what is the url in the tab, below "Personal Environment".
Hi Tiago,

the URL kameswarikancherla.outsystemscloud.com only. Please see below

Here, i am able to learn the topics, able to see the sections under Community etc. but when I am trying to connect the environment from Service Studio, the host was not found is getting displayed. Can you please help me on this


Hello Kameswari,

You should have a red "Wake" button in the tab you are showing in the screenshot. Can you confirm that?