totals row?

If I am making a table of charges which is from an aggregate.  It has 5 columns each of which is a type of charge.  The first cell in each row is the descriptor for the charge, the other 4 are $ amounts.  The table could have 5 or 300 records (ie rows).  What I would want is at the bottom of the table (basically a row added to the bottom of the table) would be blank in the description and for each of the 4 columns with $ amounts in them it will have a total of that column.  Is there a built in way to do this?

The way I was thinking I could do it is after I do the aggregate, then do a for each for the record list and add up the columns one by one, then add a record to the end of the list with exactly what I wanted.  However, if there is an easyier way to do that it would be good.
You can have the Sum of the values in a couple of ways: either by iterating the resultset of the query, or to do another query to get the sum of the partial sums of each column (2 queries vs 1query + iteration)

Then add at the end of the first resultset the result value.

Dont see any other easy way of doing it at the moment

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