Changing text of Feedback_Ajaxwait

The title speaks for itself.
Can I change the text in the Feedback_ajaxwait widget?
Now, we can't change System Components even if it's just a translation. Before, we could edit translations and save. Check details here:

However, if you just want to use that in a specific context of a few screens you can copy the Feedback_AjaxWait from RichWidgets and edit at your will to use it on those screens.
Hi Martijn,

You can do this with a bit of CSS-trickery. Add the following CSS to some style sheet you use on the page:

div.Feedback_AjaxWait {
   color: transparent;

div.Feedback_AjaxWait:after {
   content: 'Wacht op mij!';
   color: white;
   position: absolute;
   left: 35px;
What happens here is that you make the original text transparent, then add some context after the original one that mimicks the original content. I've tested this with Chrome only, so you'll have to text cross-browser compatibility (IE9 probably won't work).
Thanks Tiago and Kilian.
Will try both of your solutions!