[Google Places] Editable seems not to work

[Google Places] Editable seems not to work

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Published on 2017-04-03 by Ouen Worth
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Published on 2017-04-03 by Ouen Worth
Hi There,

I tried to apply the google places webblock inside a editable.
But this seems not to work, I added the OLM file.


The widget is configured to accept a user text entry directly to the text input which is a placeholder for the Google API execution..

The event trigger calls the Google API to return the selection list. 

The textSearch is a place holder as a text input needs to reference a variable. The textSearch holds no data and should not be exposed as an input.

If you are looking to query the Google API directly then I recommend that you look at the Google Maps application.

This application is a lightweight widget for human interactive address completion and access to additional Google map metadata that can be persisted for later use.

Hi Quen,

I dont want to use it as a input field I just want to have the posiblity to search for a adres in the editablerow. After that grap that info and put it in the correct fields. Please find my attachment.