Integrating C Sharp with Linux 

Integrating C Sharp with Linux 

Hey everybody!
Is there is any way to integrate HMM speach recogniation toutorial with C sharp because there is no API for HMM yet. 
I am not sure what your usecase is.

which HMM-tool you are referring to?
linux is an OS, and afaik Outsystems does run on certain distributions (but you are stuck with java then)

I am talking about hidden markove model speech recogination. 
Hi Tama,

The question about what implementation is relevant, because HMM is just the algorithm.
There are implementations in java (like ).

To use a C# implementation in linux it would require some Mono or C# Core external process (and not running directly in java on the platform), that could be a performance issue.

João Rosado
I have want to know 
Thankyou for your guidence.