Can't include new records after the upgrade to version 9

Hi All,
I wake up my personal environment and now I can't create new records. I published it again and nothing. Even deleting one of the interfaces (Obras) and recreating it using scaffold haven't fixed the problem. In the list part the collumn with the link to the detail don't show data, and the it keeps rewriting the same record in the option New. Update is ok. Please find attached an image to clarify. Will be happy to send the omls if requested. The form is in portuguese but I think the behavior is clear.
Many thanks!
Just more information. Attached result of another operation that includes records in the Fornecedores table (Supliers table). After inclusion there is no data displayed in the link collumn of the list of Fornecedores (list of Supliers). One can try to include more lines (records) in the table but it keeps overwriting the last one. Also attached the app and the module. 

PS. Correcting the last post text. "wake up = woke up" , "and the it keeps = and it keeps" :)
Module attached.
Hi Arnaldo,

The problem is because all your entities don't have auto-number primary keys, so the create action is always creating/updating the record with Id = 0, instead of adding a new one.
That is why the automatic import from the excel sheets adds an extra Id attribute to the tables, instead of using the ones in the excels.

Normally what it is recommended (unless you need to import the sheets multiple times, and not just once for bootstrap) is to keep the generated id's and during the import transform the id's in the excel into the new auto-numbered id's. Since it is a lot easier to mantain the application that way.

If you want to keep them without being auto-numbers, then you will need to add a little logic to your detail screens to calculate a new id.

Also this logic is a bit vulneable to concurrency issues, so I would at least also split the update the create operations, so that 2 concurrent creates don't end up mixed up. (still not perfect, since a the second concurrent create will fail with an exception ...but at least won't silenty update the first one)

I'm attaching back your module with this change in the Fornecedores screen. But I still recommend you to revise the idea of using non-autonumber indentifiers. Makes the bootstrap from multiple related excels a bit harder but the final application will be a lot simpler, easier to mantain and have no concurrency issues in the create operations.

João Rosado

Many thanks João for the quickness and completeness of the answer. I will study you post and consider what is best for my application. I am wondering, why this happened. The application was good and broke after I woke up my enviroment. Regards,