MS SQL Server Express 2008 connection issue

MS SQL Server Express 2008 connection issue

Hello all,

We are trying to read a database from a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express R2 system.  We have gotten to the point that when we test the connection in service center it returns the message:

Connection String test failed: Cannot open database "SQLEXPRESS" requested by the login. The login failed.
Login failed for user 'admin2'.

I have not looked at the SQL server myself yet but from looking online this seems like the system is making a connection, its just some internal permissions to make it able to read?  Yes, we did see the note about it not being a windows admin but a SQL auth user and we did do that before we got this message.

Anyone run into this previously?
Hi Json,

Does that user have permissions for the SQLEXPRESS database?
If you login with it in te SQL Server Management Studio are you able to do any query to it?

It needs to show up in the Security Users list for that catalog:

And in the catalog permissions it needs to at least have the Connect permission:

João Rosado
It seems to be an authentication problem..

1) Does the login "admin2" exists in the sql server?
2) Are you using the correct password?
3) Is your sql server using mixed mode authentication?

I don't think it might be an OutSystem problem.
Test your connection info (SERVER, DB, USER, PWD) with an ODBC connection or from SQL Server Management Studio. If you get the same error then your are using wrong credentials.