How can I translate Feedback application messages?

How can I translate Feedback application messages?


I need to translate Feedback App functionality that appears on my application. We are working on an application that is going to be in Polish. Once I switch on Feedback App I can see "Click here to enter feedback". I want this sentence as well as other in the buttons to be translated.
Please advise.
Hello Michal,
as for now, we don't have App Feedback translated to Polish. It's not one of the supported languages.
Since this is a system espace, there’s no simple way for you to translate it using the Development Environment to achieve it, still and if you’re willing to, you could translate the App Feedback “bubble” with a couple of JavaScript lines.
For example, you could have a setInterval looking for the presence of the AppFeedback textarea, and set its placeholder and buttons:
$('[name="ect$wtFeedbackInput"]').attr('placeholder','Tutaj wpisz tresc wiadomosci i kliknij na ekranie, aby wskazac lokalizacje, która chcesz zaznaczyc')

Hope it helps.

Hi Pedro,
Thank you for your response.
Does it mean that following your instruction I can also translate the buttons in the AppFeedback?
Will that work correctly when I change the language (and not keep my polish translation when I switch into English)?


Yes I think you'll have no trouble with that!