Applying format expression in textbox

I want to apply format currency in one of the text box.
The task is to convert currency into decimal in the textbox eg
if i give number 2454664 it has to convert into 24546.64 like this.
I assigned one action for this text box and i'm assigning like this 

FormatCurrency(GetBorrowerByClientId.List.Current.LoanDetail.AppraisedValue, Site.Currency, 2, Site.DecimalSeparator, Site.GroupSeparator)

but i'm getting the error saying the record is currecny data type.Please see my screenshot for reference.

Please see my screenshot.This is the error i'm getting when applying the actions inside the
textbox.How do i solve this.
Hi Chandrasekar,

FormatCurrency returns a Text, so you cannot assign that value to your currenly value.
The FormatCurrency is to be used to display a currency formated, not to add decimal cases to it.

If what you want is to have it always in the text box with the correct format you will need one of this components:

Note: I never used any of them myself, so you will need to try and see how they work.

João Rosado

But i did the same assigning when i'm using expression .
So is there any reference or videos for this.

I have attached my testing oml file.
Can you show just for one text box in my sample oml file which 
i have attached.