Multiple menu Pointing to single screen

I'm trying to build a menu where multiple tabs in menu point to single screen with the input parameter.
Depending upon that parameter i need to display specfic information on the screen.

Can this be done?
Yes it can.
You need to create that input parameter in the single screen first. In the menu where you set tabs with single screen as destination you will set the different argument passed on each of those tabs.

Then, back on the single screen, in Preparation action you need to handle the logic you want to implement for those different arguments passed.
There is a glitch to it.The highlighted menu item is same everytime.and not as per selected one.I.e
When i click on menu 1 and it goes to screen1,and highlights menu1.however if i click on menu2,it goes to screen 1 still highlighting menu1.
any way around it?
On Screen 1, 2, 3 and so on you can specify what is the active menu.
In the Menu webblock on screen 2 you are passing an Active Menu param and maybe an Active SubMenu, you have to change it for each screen - you may need to create a record for those if you haven't yet in the entities Menu and SubMenu.
Thanks that works.
?Just to complete this chain,im writing the steps i followed.
1.go to menu web block.Select the destination of each link in webblock to the screen you want to revert to. the screen , take an input parameter of type menu identifier.
3.The menu item will highlight now asking for value to input parameter.
4.Assigin the value of entity you want to get highlighted when you click the menu.